November 27, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

...there lived a young professional on Capitol Hill.  With my 20s winding down, I was on a tireless journey to finish my master's degree, find a job and start a career, find the love of my life, and be a real adult.  And what better way to find a significant other than diving head first into the pool of online dating?  So I turned to OkCupid for some assistance.  After countless conversations and dates (some good and some not as good), I stumble upon a good lookin' young gent who claims to love food.  Not only does he love food, but he cooks too!  And then he completes his profile with a picture of himself with a gigantic bowl of cioppino.  He had me hooked right there.  Now, I grew up in a family that loves to eat.  While eating one meal, we're already planning the next.  My dad has an uncanny ability to remember what he's eaten at a restaurant, or how to get there, even if he can't remember the name of the place.  And we'll go out of our way for a great meal.  So had I finally met my foodie match?

I went out on a limb and sent a message expressing my interest in him, and asking for a taste of his delicious looking cioppino.  To my surprise, he responded to my message, started emailing, went on a date, and the rest is history.

When I ask him what spurred him to respond to my message, aside from the sweet compliments, he mentions my comment about the cioppino, and my common love of food.  I think we spent our first few dates talking about restaurants, cooking, and just about anything food related.  Our relationship and our love has really developed and blossomed in the kitchen.  We spend most nights cooking up something tasty, whether is a new recipe we're experimenting with, trying to recreate something we ate at a restaurant, or whipping up an old standby dish.  And since joining an awesome CSA, we've had even more fun coming up with new ways to use the different veggies we receive in each share.

In an effort to keep track of our culinary adventures, we thought we'd start a lil' ol' blog.  So pull up a chair, grab a fork, and come join us for dinner!

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