October 4, 2013

Simple Syrup -- Complex Flavors!

With some extra kaffir lime leaves from our pork belly, we thought we'd throw together some simple syrups to have on hand.  They'll come in handy when we want to make cocktails.  Plain simple syrups, just sugar and water, are easy ways to sweeten any drink, especially iced drinks.  But throwing in some aromatics will make them even tastier.

We made 2 versions; kaffir lime and ginger, and just kaffir lime.  To start, we combined equal parts of water and sugar, tossed in the aromatics in 2 separate pots, and gave them some heat.  
You'll want to make sure all of the sugar dissolves, and then just let it boil.
Once it's boiled for about 10-15 minutes, it should be ready.  It'll be thicker, like a syrup, and coat your spoon.  Then we just poured them into some mason jars, and let them cool with the lids off.  Once they've cooled, we just popped them into the fridge for safe keeping.
They taste amazing, and I can't wait to mix them into some cocktails!

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