July 24, 2013

Everything's Betta' With Feta!

There aren't many things more refreshing than biting into a juicy, cold slice of sweet watermelon on a hot summer day.  But if you want something a little less messy, and even more tasty, try out this watermelon feta salad.

Start by chunking up your watermelon into whatever size cubes you'd like.  Ideally, you'd have a seedless watermelon, but in our case, try to take out as many seeds as possible while slicing and dicing.  A lot of the seeds came out as I diced it up, which made it a bit easier, but seedless is really the way to go.
Crumble up some feta cheese, and chop up some mint.  Toss with your watermelon, and you're pretty much good to go.
If your watermelon is really ripe and sweet, but you don't want a cloyingly sweet salad, you can cut some of the sweetness with some salt, pepper, and a few dashes of rice wine vinegar.  The feta adds a nice saltiness, while the mint adds a refreshing hint of flavor to the salad.
While there is nothing wrong with a big slice of watermelon and spitting out the seeds, hopefully you try this simple salad for a quick, refined take on this summer classic!

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