May 1, 2013

The Sorrel of the Story...

We were a bit unsure of how to best use our sorrel, so as always, we turned to the interwebs to see what kinds of recipes are out there.  Since we haven't had seafood in a while, and salmon went on sale at the market today, we decided to go with a pecan-crusted salmon with sorrel sauce.  It came together really easily and quickly, and made for a great week night meal.

Justin tackled the fish, making the crust by simply throwing the pecans, basil, and tarragon into a food processor, and grinding it all up with a bit of butter.  Then you just slather it on your salmon fillets, and pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes.
In the meantime, I took care of the sauce.  You start by chopping the sorrel and shallots, and giving them a quick saute with some cooking wine.  Once the sorrel has wilted, add in the cream.  Since we're back on the Paleo diet, we substituted coconut cream for the whipped cream.  Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice, and let it reduce down.  We also threw in a small pat of butter to help cut the coconut flavor.  Once it's reduced down to your desired consistency, give it a quick blend to smooth out the sauce and finely chop the sorrel and shallots.  Then just season with some white pepper and salt.

To compliment our fish, we threw together a simple salad using the mixed greens we picked up yesterday.  We sliced up some red onion, diced up one of the golden delicious apples, gave a rough chop to some of the celery tops, and thinly sliced some carrots.  For the dressing we mixed together some grapeseed oil, a bit of whole grain mustard, and some orange muscat vinaigrette.

The crust on the salmon gave it a nice herby crunch, and the sauce added a nice, creamy, earthiness.

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