March 27, 2013

It was Colonel Mustard, in the dutch oven, with the leeks

Since we're heading out of town this weekend for Easter, we needed to find a way to use the rest of our share food.  We turned to the interwebs, as always, for inspiration, and came up with pork chops with a mustard sauce, roasted turnips, and salad.  So let's get started...

Start by slicing up your carrots, celery, and leeks.  We included the leaves from the tops of the celery too.  Because of all the layers in the leeks, a lot of dirt can get in there.  Once you slice them, you'll want to place them in a bowl with water, and swish them around, separating the layers.  All the dirt will sink to the bottom of the bowl, and you'll be left with clean leeks!
Then we melted some butter in the dutch oven, and threw all the veggies in there to soften.  Once they've cooked down a bit, add your whole grain mustard and almond milk.

Once everything's had a chance to mix together, nestle your pork chops into the mixture.  We also added a couple bay leaves, some parsley and thyme.  We threw a lid on it and let it cook for about 15 minutes.  While those were cooking, we roasted up some turnips with a bit of grated red onion on top.
We also threw together a quick salad with our creasy greens, some carrots, red onion, and the rest of the pate we had leftover from our rainy day soup & salad dinner.  With a simple dressing of olive oil and champagne vinegar, we were ready to eat!

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