December 10, 2012

CSA Recap

Tomorrow we pick up another share of food, so I thought I'd give you a quick recap of how we used all the items from our previous share.  As a refresher, here's what we picked up 2 weeks ago...
And here's what we made...

The rest of the creasy greens were used for salads throughout the week too.  The cilantro is still in the fridge, waiting to be used, and we used the broccoli as part of a crudite spread for a party 2 weekends ago.  We haven't done anything with the cabbage yet, but we're planning on making more sauerkraut.  More to come on that.

We can't wait to pick up tomorrow's share and make some more delicious dishes.  Stay tuned!


  1. Food Challenge!!! We'll give you three or four bags of groceries to work with. You and Jason can pick a night next week to cook for the Chan family!! Uncle Ron will bring the beer!!!

    Are you up for it??

    Uncle Steve

  2. My bad I meant to say Justin!!!