December 17, 2012

Taylor Charles Steak & Ice

Despite DC long being home to transplants from all over this great nation, it has been lacking legit options when it comes to regional cuisines until recently.  In a city that has an abundance of gastronomical delights from Ethiopia, there has been lament that until recently there was no where to go for a "real" slice of NY pie or a passable pastrami on rye.  Well, I think it is time to scratch another revered regional treat off the list.  I'm talking about the Philly Cheesesteak!

Taylor Charles Steak & Ice is a welcome addition to the thriving H Street/Atlas District from the same guys who brought us one of my personal favorites, Taylor Gourmet.  So does this new spot do for the cheesesteak what the original did for the Italian Style Hoagie?  The answer is a resounding yes--this is the  biggest endorsement of the cheesesteak since Boyz II Men.  I was really pleased with the balance they offered with traditional basic cheesesteaks and delicious new specialty takes on the classic.  For those of you individualists, you can also build yourself a custom sandwich (which is nice if you are like me and you opt for provolone instead of whiz).
While I usually try a new place out for the first time I try and stick with the original, however in this case I went with a specialty sandwich.  I had the Spinach, featuring thinly sliced Rib-eye (a la Pat's), garlicky spinach, grilled onions, provolone.  To top it off, I added some banana peppers from the condiment bar. It was absolutely the genuine article.  The steak was delicious, seasoned perfectly, and the bread was nice and gooey on the inside, but retained it's crusty texture.  My only issue is it could've used a little more cheese.  Kara had the Broccoli Rabe cheesesteak with rib-eye steak, grilled onions, provolone, and of course the broccoli rabe.  It doesn't end with the namesake steaks.  The other options on the menu looked delicious too.  We also split an order of Charles' Balls which are zucchini fritters spiced up, deep fried and paired with a house-made lemon aioli.  They had big taste and an awesome texture and I'm sure I won't be alone in craving them like I already do the risotto balls at Taylor Gourmet.  
The best part is they are open late night on the weekends.  Honestly, what more could you want to soak up a night out on H Street than some fresh, hot, cheesy, meaty, goodness

*Pictures were taken from The Washington Post and Yelp, respectively

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